Vim Update Script

Being a software developer for over 10 years, and a Vim user for nearly as long, I like to build Vim from source, updating it with patches as and when they come out. I also like to customise the Vim sources, usually to alter some configuration options in the Makefile.

As time went by, I evolved a standard procedure for doing this. As more time went by, I started writing increasingly sophisticated scripts to automate much of this procedure. The end result (so far) is a single bash script which can:

The script is called mvim, which is imaginatively short for make vim or maintain vim. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence, and as such I make no warranty, either explicit or otherwise.

As this is a bash shell script, that limits the selection of platforms that this will work on. Maybe one day I will rewrite the script in Perl, but since I detest Perl this is unlikely to be anytime soon. (Not that I think Bash is any better, it is merely what I started off with, ages ago.)

You need some other programs for mvim to do anything useful. You are almost certain to have most of them already, but things you may not have are bzip2 and lftp. You can get by without the former but without the latter mvim will not be able to check for new files.

Using mvim is fairly straightforward, but there are quite a few options. Fortunately, the script has built-in help, which you can get at by giving the command:

$ mvim help

Updated: 13th August 2003