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Welcome to the quasi-official Inform/Vim Support Centre. This page is intended as a repository of information for people with a conjunction of interests in:

These pages are of interest to people who write Interactive Fiction in Inform using Vim. It contains the most up-to-date versions of various Inform-related Vim resources, together with hints and tips for Vim-using Inform developers.

The sections below contain links to a number of downloadable files - upgrades for Inform-related parts of Vim, implementations of cunning new features, etc. For convenience, these are also available here, packaged up as a single compressed tarball:

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Inform/Vim Resources

Vim's standard specialized Inform support takes the form of syntax highlighting, a way of presenting Inform files such that the various syntactic elements in the file stand out. Some people swear by this feature, others hate it (I fall into the former category, of course!).

Vim does offer other ways of providing specialized language support, and it is to be hoped that in the longer term Vim's Inform support will be extended. For now, these are the resources this site offers, either directly or by providing links to other sites:

Hints and Tips

This section talks about ways of enhancing Vim in ways useful or interesting to the Inform programmer.

General Vim Tools

This section contains items that may be of interest to all Vim users, not just those writing Inform programs.

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Updated: 8th August 2004